Interested In Getting Involved?

Black Girl Rising Inc.Committee meets the second Monday of each month, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in getting involved, please join us! To receive periodic updates on our work, please complete the contact form below.

You Can Help Place Black Girls At Promise

Thank you for your interest in Placing Black Girls at Promise! We look forward to working with you as, together, we help our girls navigate their way toward resiliency. Every time I enter a school building, walk through a mall, look out my car window as I drive, I see a Black girl and wonder about her. Is she at promise or at risk? Our approach to this work is unique. We collected data and shared the results. Through the local networks created, we are building a collective community enhancing the strengths and addressing challenges revealed in the data. Black Girl Rising and the work of others suggest that Black girls living in urban areas are exposed to more traumatic stressors than other children. We want the lives of Black girls to reflect collective work and responsibility by their families, communities, leaders, and government. Placing Black girl at promise means we talk to girls, those at risk, and those who are doing well. We ask the hard questions that may not be “any of our business” but we ask them because we want them to be “placed at promise.”


What Can You Do In The Life Of A Black Girl?

What you can do in one girl’s life:

  • Model in yourself what you want her to become. Help her to honor the gift of being female. Show her how to explore and celebrate her gifts and talents. Love your body so she can learn how to love hers. Create a circle of friends, not a clique. Take good care of your heart. Show respect to the elder women in your life and listen to their stories with her.
  • Share your story of growing up. What were you like? How did you make friends with other girls? Did you like being a girl? Who was your best friend? What advice would you give a girl today?
  • Make sure you have a real relationship with her. Take the time to build communication.
  • Don’t be her friend. Be the adult who cares.
  • Help her to discover her gifts and talents.
  • Show up, at school, at dances, any place she is.
  • Ask questions and Listen. What does she think about? Dream about? How does she spend her time? Who are her friends? What does she care about? Who are her “Go-To” people? What does she worry about? What does she believe about herself?
  • Get to know her friends.
  • Believe her first. Discover the truth. If you build trust she will trust you.
  • Give her values that she can trust. Be the example.
  • Set Limits. Make sure she knows her boundaries.
  • Model a positive healthy lifestyle. Show her how to avoid conflict.
  • Make sure she is getting the best from her education, offer to help with homework. Even if you don’t understand the work at school, ask questions anyway. Get her to teach you.
  • Don’t be afraid to pry. If she’s acting strange, ask questions. Remember you are the adult.

“Placing Black Girls at Promise”

When our children are encouraged, helped along the way, and supported by the adults around them it empowers them to successfully meet life’s challenges with a sense of self-determination, confidence to handle what comes before them, hope in the future, and a feeling of well-being. This makes our children Resilient.  It’s an inner power to bounce back regardless of what happens. 


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