Become a Partner!
Black Girl Rising, Inc. partners provide support to Black girls in our community. Partners are also part of the Black Girl Rising, Inc. Network. Partners care about black girls and align with the vision of Black Girl Rising, Inc., to lead the charge in creating historic opportunities for our girls that improve their social, emotional, and economic outcomes in life. They raise the presence and voice for Black girls everywhere and affect policies and decisions that place our girls more at risk than at promise. Partners invest in the girls’ lives in numerous ways such as financial support for events and activities, providing educational and creative programming as well as in-kind gifts and contributions of goods or services. Being a network partner comes with many benefits including networking contacts, resource sharing, discounted provisions, event hosting, advertising, and promotional opportunities, and social media sharing. Speaker, panelist and facilitation opportunities are available as well as invitations to all conferences, summits, and girl policy forums. In addition, organizations that support girls can have their 11-18-year olds participate in both the Black Girls Think Tank and the annual conference. Additionally, network members who become sponsors are recognized with their name and logo on our website and event materials. We greatly appreciate our network members and sponsors’ support and collaboration that makes it possible to place our girls at promise!
Community Partnership Application
We hope that you will be a Community Partner with Black Girl Rising Inc.! If you are interested, please complete the application. Someone will be in touch with you real soon.

    Are you able and willing to Like and Share Black Girls Rising social media with your professional contacts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc.).

    Are you willing to attend an orientation on the work of Black Girl Rising?

    Would you be interested in hosting a program on the work of Black Girl Rising at your organization?