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Focusing on the real issues Black girls face. Creating a forum to hear the voices of our girls.

  • In 2015, the first RSR Black girls Think Tank (BGTT) was started.
  • The Black Girl Think Tank is a researched-based program and designed as a safe space for girls to dialogue the quality of life issues that affect Black girls in their communities and in their schools.
  • The girls give voice to their concerns through developing critical thinking skills, learning to communicate across barriers, and building community with each other over class, family relationships, backgrounds, and life experiences.
  • African American girls ages 11-18 who represent all walks of life, social, economic, and academic, in Central Ohio are invited to participate.

“We work hard to provide solutions for problems happening in our community.”

– Ariana Wilson, Charter Member of the Black Girl Think Tank

The work of the Black Girl Think Tank

“I Am Good Enough” Black Girl Mental Health Campaign
After months of research, deliberation, and peer-to-peer interviews, the BGTT girls identified six issues of concern among today’s youth. Issues identified by the RSR BGTT:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Bullying
  3. Colorism
  4. Body-image
  5. LBGTQ
  6. Self-defense

The girls identified that mental health was the overarching indicator of other five concerns. The members
of the Black Girl Think Tank designed and implemented a social change campaign called, “I Am Good Enough” to raise awareness, remove the stigma and barriers to accessing mental health services, and to provide resources to Black girls and boys in our community. The campaign goals are:

  • To raise awareness and to educate the community that the 6 areas of concern identified by the RSR BGTT: colorism, bullying, depression, LGBTQ+, body image and self-defense, and how these issues impact the mental health of Black girls.
  • Remove the stigma around these areas of concern
  • Help girls to become comfortable in their own skin
  • Get the community to talk about these issues


Activities of the Black Girl Think Tank

  • I Am Good Enough Campaign Programs
  • Black Girl Summits
  • Annual Girls Conferences
  • Community Conversations using Placing Black Girls At-Promise Mobile Mural
  • National, state, and local presentations on the issues and concerns of Black girls.
  • Get woke with us. Conversation with boys.